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Automotive Parts Sunlight Simulation Test Chamber

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Introduction and application: 

This product is manufactured according to the user request , referring to the technical requirements of GB2423 [1] .02 high temperature test method, GB2423 [1] .01 low temperature test method, GB2423 [1] .03 constant damp heat test method, GB2423 [1] .04 alternating humidity heat test method. Mainly for aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, military, automobile (motorcycle), ship, electronics, communications and other scientific research and production units to provide a temperature and humidity change environment for users to complete machine (or components), electrical appliances, instruments, Test the temperature and humidity of materials, (heated by infrared ultraviolet lamp to simulate sunlight ).In order to exam the adaptability of products or to test its performance. It Is the important and essential test method for new product development, prototype test, and product conformity appraisal.

Standards to comply:
Sunlight simulation chamber for vehicle parts should meet the below standards:
PR308.2-2006 70℃/95%RH, 105℃ Thermal storage;
IEC 60068-2-1:Basic environmental testing procedures for electronic components and electronic equipment - Part 2: Tests - Test A: Cold IEC 60068-2-2: Environmental testing - Part 2-2: Tests - Test B: Dry heat IEC 60068-2-3:Basic environmental testing procedures - Part 2-3: Tests - Test Ca: Damp heat, steady state IEC 60068-2-28:Basic environmental testing procedures for electronic components and electronic equipment - Part 2: Tests - Guidance for damp heat tests IEC 60068-2-30:Basic environmental testing procedures - Part 2: Tests - Test Db: Damp heat, cyclic (12+12-hour cycle)
IEC 60068-2-56: Environmental testing - Part 2: Tests. Test Cb: Damp heat, steady state, primarily for equipment.
PV-1200: Environment cycle test for vehicle parts
PV-2005: Environment cycle test for vehicle parts

Technical indicators:

Temperature range

-40 ℃ ~150℃

Humidity range

20% ~95%RH

Infrared illumination

when ambient air temperature at 80 ℃, illumination surface temperature is 110 ℃

Infrared illumination

when ambient air temperature is 85 ℃, illumination surface temperature is 120 ℃.

Sunlight simulation chamber for vehicle parts Advantages:
Temperature sunlight simulation test chamber adopts a temperature & humidity controller with independent intellectual property rights
Uses MITSUBISHI PLC+ industrial level human-computer interface, with strong anti-interference, stable system and low failure rate
Man-machine dialogue output operation, automatic recording equipment operation data and fault information
Temperature and humidity historical data using U disk external output, you can choose EXCEL format form or BMP format picture output, easy to operate
Corresponding processing method for intelligent prompt fault
Uses PID+ fuzzy control method to adjust energy saving
Wide range of temperature & humidity control

Sunlight simulation chamber for vehicle parts in customer testing lab:

Major users:

Taking something about material aging:
The aging of plastics is mainly due to the weakness of the structure or components, such as unsaturated double bonds, branched chains, carbonyl groups, hydroxyl groups at the end, and so on.
External or environmental factors are mainly sunlight, oxygen, ozone, heat, water, mechanical stress, high energy radiation, electricity, industrial gases (such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc.), sea water, salt fog, mold, bacteria, insects, etc.
The usual aging tests mainly include light aging, humid heat aging, hot air aging, high and low temperature test, salt spray corrosion, ozone aging, thermal oxygen aging test, buried soil corrosion test, liquid medium aging test, User specific condition aging test, etc. Illumination aging is also divided into many kinds, there are indoor aging and outdoor aging. The indoor aging has xenon lamp aging, fluorescence ultraviolet aging, carbon arc aging and so on.
Outdoor aging means exposure to test sites, including Florida and Arizona abroad, and Hainan,
Dunhuang, Mohe, Lhasa and so on in China. These test sites are basically distinguished by dry heat and humid heat.
These method are commonly used in laboratory tests to accelerate the aging time of samples.But one common problem with these aging tests is that they can only simulate one of the full spectrum light waves, such as 300-400nm.It has to be mentioned here that metal halogen lamp aging, that is, full spectrum sunlight simulation aging test.This is the closest aging method to sun light, with a radiation band range of 280-3000nmm.
Irradiance: 600~1200W/m2.
It can usually be used to make materials, parts or the aging of the full car testing.

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