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Walk-in Climate Chamber for Full Automotive

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The walk-in climate chamber for full automotive is according to the whole vehicle (car, light truck) environment test performance test work state, after the heat preservation and heat insulation treatment, uses the appropriate ventilation, the air conditioning equipment to satisfy the full vehicle power match testing, the economical performance match testing, Performance matching testing, air conditioning performance development, vehicle low temperature adaptability, emission performance and other testing requirements.

Main technical parameters

Temperature range


Temperature fluctuation

≤±0.5 °C

Temperature deviation

≤±2.0 °C

Temperature Uniformity

≤2.0 °C

Heat-up time


Cool-down time


Graph of Temperature and Humidity Controlled Range Capacity

Main structure and configure
1)The combined type board structure can be conveniently assembled at the buyer's site.
2) Testing Chamber ‘s inner wall material is SUS304 stainless steel plate,the outer wall material is high quality cold rolled steel plate, the external surface electrostatic coating treatment, the color is standard Simplewell color .The middle material is 100mm polyurethane foaming and glass fiber cotton insulation layer.
3)The floor of the workshop is a non-slip pattern steel plate, anti-slip slope could ensure the car can easily enter and leave the workshop.
4)The laboratory equipped with a twin- door with inside and outside handle
5)At the top of the workshop , installed moisture-proof lamps with one cable outlet on both sides .)
6)The structure of the testing chamber is reasonably designed, the manufacturing process is excellent, the interior appearance is good looking, the surface of stainless steel plate and electrostatic spraying is flat. 

Refrigeration system
1)Adopt German original imported compressor  Bitzer.
2)Air-cooled condenser system is adopted.
3)Italian "Castel" solenoid valve, Danfoss  expansion valve, American "EK" dry filter, storage tank and other main refrigerating accessories all are imported. 

Air supply, heating and humidification system
1)All parts are made of famous brand products with stable performance.
2).Motor 370 W × 2, fan for radius 180mm × 2 centrifugal energy conservation and environmental protection products.
3)Military grade stainless steel heating assembly 15 KW, humidification assembly 12 KW.

Protection System
A. Power overload protection, phase-missing protection and leakage protection devices.
B.Control system overload, short-circuit protection device.
C.High and low pressure protection and delay startup protection for compressor systems
D.Over-temperature protective device.

Standard to comply
*GB2423.1-89(IEC68-2-1) Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment--Low Temperature Test
*GB2423.2-89(IEC68-2-2) Environmental Testing - Part 2: Test Methods - Tests B: Dry Heat
*GB2423.3-93(IEC68-2-3) Basic Environmental Testing Procedures for Electric and Electronic Products—Test Ca: Damp Heat, Steady State
*GJB150.3-86(MIL-STD-810D) Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment High Temperature Test
*GJB150.4-86(MIL-STD-810D) Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment--Low Temperature Test
*GJB360.8-87(MIL-STD.202F): Highly Accelerated Life Testing (High Temperature)

Related Patent
The Environmental Chamber for Automotive testing  attained a patent (No. CN103816947B) for its constant temperature and humidity design and air duct structure. Non-uniform heating will directly influence the final results of tests, like sunlight test and rotary drum test, the testing chamber fixes this problem.

Environmental Chamber for Automotive testing in customers testing lab:

Sunlight simulation test (Infrared ray                 
light, Halogen lamp, xenon lamp)

Vehicle temperature test

Rotary drum test, emission test 

Rain test

Vehicle salt corrosion test

Vehicle revolving drum testing

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